Water and thermodynamic changes of hydrocarbons in producing wells cause an unfavorable impact on their productivity; due to the formation of calcareous scales and organic deposits, which affect the flow of fluids through production pipes and cause damage in the producing areas.

Current producing challenges are present in greater severity at most hydrocarbon producing fields, where it is necessary to carry out cleaning and stimulation treatments to the production formations more frequently, in order to restore, maintain and/or increase the production of base hydrocarbons.

Our Downhole Acoustic Emitter tool for the removal of scales and organic deposits makes it possible to restore, maintain and even increase the hydrocarbons production from the wells by eliminating  problems in the operating pipes and improving the flow of  fluids produced, thus increasing the recovery factor of reserves.

The most significant technical improvement is that materials used for manufacturing our tool allow it to work in wells with temperatures up to 200 °C.


The acoustic emitter technology for well stimulation is based on the emission of ultrasonic pulses, which generate cavitation and resonation effects.





  1. Increase daily production in stimulated wells.
  2. Selective stimulation in wells with high temperatures  and pressure.
  3. Disintegrates organic and inorganic deposits.
  4. Improves operating conditions of the well.
  5. It is environmentally safe and 100% ecological.
  6. It does not affect the integrity of the mechanical  state.

Acoustic stimulation of wells today (in an ultrasonic modification) - an advanced, high-tech, reagent less, geophysical method of controlled and selective stimulation and bottom hole formation zone for the intensification of the tributaries (throttle response) and enhanced oil recovery, applicable in a wide range of geological technological conditions of commercial facilities, with very long (up to 2 years or more) and significant (often multiple) effects, are environmentally clean, and easy to combine with other known methods of stimulation and enhanced oil recovery.

The technology allows without prejudice to the oil-bearing reservoir effectively to restore the filtration properties of the productive layers with minimal time and material costs.





  1. It is not necessary to close the well or to stop productions to carry out the operation.
  2. It does not require gas or water producing areas insulation.
  3. Stimulation may be carried out in wells with reservoir temperatures up to 200°C.
  4. Stimulation in wells with reservoir pressure up to 600kg/cm2.
  5. Eliminates inventories of toxicproducts.
  6. Little space is required to operate.
  7. Simplifies maintenance and supervision procedures.